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Very Prive vs. Mad Mary Janes

Christian Louboutin Very Prive studded peep-toe pump











Christian Louboutin Mad Mary Janes

First of all...give me either pair of these shoes and I will rock them hard...even in my sleep. But, as hot as the studded peep-toe's are, I think they are a wee bit edged out for everyday flaunting. Not that a fashionista would actually flaunt them every day, but for upwards of $900, I'd get my use out of them...I'm just sayin'

What do you think?

All the Better to Kiss You With...

All The Better To Kiss You With "Lip Balm Lavender Vanilla Certified Organic lip balm in a recyclable vintage tin

So this is my new favorite lip balm. I recently ordered this lip balm from Spirit Beauty Lounge because I have been having "issues" with my lips breaking out (gross, I know). I came to the conclusion that this was happening because of all of the hundreds (exaggerating, but not by much) of lip glosses and products I've been using, and the ingredients in them being far from safe and natural. I couldn't understand why, after years of using these types of glosses and balms, they would irritate my lips all of a sudden, but I decided to try something new.

"All the Better to Kiss you With" is a USDA Certified Organic lip balm made with organic ingredients (duh) like shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), beeswax (Cera alba) and vanilla (Vanilla planifolia). And guess what? Since I've been using it for the past two weeks or so...my lips haven't been irritated since. I am a genius!

Another rave: be sure to check out Spirit Beauty Lounge for other fabulous organic & natural beauty products! They have a HUGE selection and super-fast shipping. I received my order within 3 days!

Chris Brown + Community Service = LOL!


Since when is community service considered a bad thing? I mean really? But I dig this as a "punishment" for Chris Brown. Giving back by way of cleaning up the grounds of a horse stable? Sounds good to me!

What's more of a punishment though is how his career will suffer as a result of his actions. Only time will tell if he will be able to return to full-fledged stardom status, but somehow I'm not so sure.

The rest of his six-month community labor sentence will include graffiti removal, washing cars, and more cleaning/maintaining grounds. Not mention five years probation, during which he can have no contact with Rihanna. But I think they've already broken that one.

Tyler Perry Overload

Tyler Perry, the mastermind behind the mega-successful movies ad plays like "Madea Goes to Jail" and "Madea's Family Reunion"  is gearing up for another TV take-over. Adding another notch in his belt, right behind actor, director, producer, filmmaker, screenwriter, playwright, you can now add talk show host to the list. Debuting on TBS, the "Tyler Perry Show" (shot at the Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta)  will treat viewers to interviews with the stars of his latest film "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," including Oscar nominated Taraji P. Henson ( I love her! She's come so far since "Baby Boy").

2 thoughts came to mind when I first heard about this: "Wow, he's on a roll. That's great!"  and  "Omg, I've had enough of Tyler Perry."  Though I've been a fan of his from the beginning, and enjoyed watching his success evolve from plays to movies to TV shows...enough is enough. You know how when your favorite music artist drops a new single and for the first few weeks you can't get enough of it? Then the radio stations play it over and over and OVER until they run it into the ground and you're freaking sick of it? Yeah...that's me right now.

Now I'm not one to hate on anyone else's successes, and I do believe that as a culture, African-Americans need to do more to support one another, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing right? Well excluding "Meet the Browns."  I didn't think that was such a good thing.

I'll still check it out. And if you do, let me know what you think!


The Hudson...my new MUST HAVE bag!

Kelly Horton, the talented designer behind the fabulous Madison Kelly NYC handbag line, has given me with the perfect bag to obsess over for fall 2009.

I am a huge fan of oversized bags (especially hobos), and the Hudson bag pictured above, does not disappoint. Constructed of Italian pebbled lamb with gold accents, this bag is perfect for a night out with the girls, a night out with the boyfriend, or a day in the office. In addition to the Kelly green, which is HOT, it also comes in red, purple, brown and black. 

The Hudson is just one of five designs featured in the fall 2009 collection. What makes Madison Kelly bags that much more fabulous? Ms. Horton hails from my hometown, Philadelphia.


Go Philly!


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